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Theme demo problem


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    besir started the conversation

    I'm setting up the theme, no problem
    load demo settings when you do

    Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/hilalper/public_html/codeturkiye.com/wp-content/themes/flavor/functions/core.php on line 919

    It gives this problem

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    Brian replied

    Disable the social counts because they cause an issue with your server settings (see theme requirements to see why).

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    besir replied

    Hello my site is opening very hard

    50 people enter their websites daily

    The hosting company says that it is from excessive CPU consumption and that there is a problem with the theme

    Make me very happy if you help me

    Site name  : www.codeturkiye.com

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    besir replied

    Acil Çözüm lütfen

    Satılan tema problemleri Yaygın Bir sorun, Tüm ağır tema Çalışan





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    Brian replied

    How many minisites are you using? We recommend no more than 5, and depending on your specific server resources and environment, it could be a heavy load. There are site speed optimization techniques in the theme documentation that could be helpful to look at.