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wrong view in Firefox


  • khamlichi started the conversation

    Hi support.

    Because most of our visitors using Firefox. this have an bad effect on our website analytic due to wrong view from firefox ( (http://www.unixmen.com) .

    The menu bar of categories is looking normal in Chrome and Iexplorer , but its looking wrong in firefox.

    Please give a look to screenshot and and advice .

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    Brian replied

    It looks like you made custom theme modifications to get your menu to look like this. Customizations are not covered under free support. If you have issues with the default theme style please let me know so I can help you.

  • khamlichi replied

    Please close this Ticket.

    i\'am really confused whats free and not free support.

    i was expecting minimal an small advice where to look in the code :(.

    By the way if you can\'t help for free. please close this ticket