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  • Ilan started the conversation

    Hi again, I have 2 questions here, the first one is this:

    In this theme there is a wonderful options for user to leave a review and to add up to the general quality of the content on the site (see here: http://screencast.com/t/hsu7P5sit77)

    My question is this, does a user of this site must sing up to the website to be able to leave a review or can I open the advance review options (not the simple comments) also to users that didn't login to the site?

    Because right now when I'm not logged in to the site I see a simple response option (http://screencast.com/t/AANIoJdQ) and the the user review submit option, in other words, I want to open the user review submit to everyone as the default comment option.

    The second question is about theme editing...

    Fist edit: http://screencast.com/t/vkbswxlhXR

    Second: http://screencast.com/t/wkMrv6UxqR

    Thank you so much in advance for the assistance with this wonderful theme you've created!

    Ilan Finer

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    Brian replied

    1) Users don\'t have to be logged in to rate. You can turn off registration required to rate in the theme options.

    2) Theme Options >> Template Setup >> Single Posts >> Disable Author Info

    And the text in your second screenshot manually gets changed in the comments.php theme file

  • Ilan replied

    Thank you, it\'s been very helpful1

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    Grzegorz replied


    I see that it is possible to turn off registration on website so  I got few questions:

    1. How rates will be counted? 

    2. Is it possible to unregistered user can leave a rate and it will be added to product? 

    3. How website know that one user cannot add another rate?

    It is important to me because i am preparing to buy Your template 


    Thanks for help in advance :)

    Kind Regards 


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    Brian replied

    1) You can add weights to some criteria via the theme options if you want them to be counted more heavily.

    2) Yes, if you want.

    3) It is based on IP address.