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file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty


  • Djigbodi K. started the conversation

    I have purchased the flavor template last and now ready to configure and use it. I am running a test on my local machine using WAMP Server with the following configurations:

    Wordpress 4.2.2, Apache 2.4.9, PHP 5.5.12, mySQL 5.6.17.

    in php.ini, cURL is enable, allow_url_fopen is ON and max_input_vars is set to 2500. i went through all the tickets here and i see you are refering most people to https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/1917. How best can you help me?


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    Brian replied

    You have to disable the youtube subscriber count from your social counts to fix the file_get_contents() issue.

  • Djigbodi K. replied

    How do i disable that...

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    Brian replied

    Go into your appearance >> widgets screen and locate any places where the social counts widget is added (such as the top ten social panel) and disable it in the widget options.