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Minisite, displaying submenu and others


  • Jean-Bob started the conversation

    Hi support team;

    I recently purchase your Flavor Theme, congrats for work. But i've few issues with the theme :

    - I would display a unique Submenu for each minisite i have, but it doesn't work. I have created "taxonomies" and activate "primary" and "display submenu" for each minisite. Why they don"t display ? What should i do?

    - Nothing happens when someone clicks on "like" (the little heart) on each article. How to change this?

    Thanks you for response, i'm waiting.

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    Brian replied

    1) You have to create your minisite front pages (see the theme documentation) which will fix this.

    2) It\'s possible there is an AJAX error. Do you ever see \"parser error\" in the bottom left corner of the site when you try to like an article? Also, does pagination and sorting controls work anywhere in your site?

  • Jean-Bob replied

    Thanks Brian;

    It was an AJAX error by my fault, at the installation theme. Issue resolved!

  • Jean-Bob replied

    Hello everyone !

    I have several new issues with the flavor theme and I need some help and advice.

    1) The \"random article\" button doesn\'t work. nothing happens when clicked on.

    2) The options contained in the\"All in one SEO\" plug-in don\'t display when i\'m writing an article in a minisite.

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,

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    Brian replied

    1) Try rebuilding your permalinks. Go to Settings >> Permalinks and click Save. If that doesn\'t work, try temporarily disabling all of your plugins and see if that helps.

    2) You should be able to turn on \"custom post types\" in the plugin settings. If you can\'t find this setting, or it doesn\'t exist, please ask the plugin dev how to enable it for custom post types (Flavor\'s minisites are technically custom post types)

  • Jean-Bob replied

    Thank you for your answers. The problem with All In One SEO Pack is set, but on the \"random\" button, the problem still persists. What else can I do?

    I will have other questions if you don\'t bored answering.

    1) I would like to create badges and awards common to all my minisites, do I repeat for each creation or is there a faster way to create them?

    2) I changed the en_US.po file with the software \"PoEdit\" to make a French translation. I updated the file .po and .mo through my FTP client on the server but nothing seems to happen on my blog. Would you have any idea why it did not work? Should I do something else?

    thank you,

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    Brian replied

    For the random button issue, please see this FAQ which could help: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/1540/

    1) Unfortunately you can\'t do this - they have to be unique to each minisite.

    2) Have you looked at the specific steps for translating yet? https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/808/

  • Jean-Bob replied

    Hello everyone, thanks you for help, a lot of issues are resolved.

    I\'ve a new issue with badges for each minisite. I created approximatively 10 badges for each minisites without issues, but i have some issues for creating a new badge on my mini-sites. When I want to save the changes, the charging symbol idles without complete or save the changes. I don\'t know what to do.

    can you help me?

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    Brian replied

    Please see server requirement #5 which will fix your issue: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/1917/