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Theme Options Save


  • Dayna started the conversation

    I've got an issue with saving my Theme Options. Every time I do, my pagination breaks. If I click on the second or third page, it goes back to the first page. Also in Firefox, it breaks some of the icons.

    I have reuploaded a clean file (more than once), I redownloaded from Theme Forest and reuploaded again, turned off all my plugins and still have the issue.

    Please advise.


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    Brian replied

    I"m not quite sure how to troubleshoot this. I checked your pagination and it works well, but then again I didn't save your theme options first. How do you fix it when the issue happens?

  • Dayna replied

    I had to make changes in the Theme Options again today and the pagination is broken again.  I didn't reupload the theme so you can see what happens.

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    Brian replied

    I tried using the pagination and it worked for me. Is it working again?