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Uber Menu on Flavor


  • Julian started the conversation

    Hi Guys,

    I need some assistance integrating ubermenu on flavor theme. Does anyone have an example of uber menu integrated on flavor theme?

  • simon replied

    Yes, here is my website http://planete-vape.com/

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    Brian replied

    Thanks for sharing Simon.

  • Julian replied

    Hi Simon, how did you do it? Automatic or manual integration? Does the slider affect Uber Menu. I noticed you deactivated the slider on your website.

  • simon replied

    Manual integration, I just tried and the slider work as expected.

    I can\'t attach my modified menu-main.php, but i can find a way to share it if needed

  • Julian replied

    Hi Simon,

    Yes please send it to hostmaster [AT] themoviespace.com

  • Julian replied

    and if you could also let me know which version of uber menu you were using since am using version 3 onwards and also indicate on the menu-main.php which lines were changed that would be great. I will highly appreciate so very much.

    Thanks alot

  • simon replied

    I use Ubermenu 3 (3.1.1).

    In menu-main.php IIRC you have to quote or delete from line 7 to 60 included and add the line related to ubermenu between <div class=\"span12\"> and <div id=\"main-menu-wrapper\"> . BTW i\'ll send you the file.