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network error on mobile and bad connection


  • Dooby started the conversation


     im getting network error when i have slow connection. it happens a lot from mobile.

    i would like to remove this message also when the connection is slow.

    please advice,


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    Brian replied

    Where specifically is it displaying the error? Can I see a screenshot, or steps to replicate?

  • Dooby replied


    it happens a lot on mobile when moving between one article to another without waiting for first one to load. also it happens when we have slow connection.

    1. open my site www.iphones.co.il from mobile with 3G 

    2. click on any article, while it load click on other article

    3. continue until you see the error

    ScreenShot attached.



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    Brian replied

    Definitely doesn't look to be a theme-related error but rather something going on with your server or WP environment. We can do some  things to isolate the issue and fix it. First, completely disable all of your plugins, then re-download a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest and overwrite all of your current theme files on your server with a fresh copy and see if that fixes the issue. You won't lose any content or settings since those are stored in the database, but if you have made any changes directly to any of the theme code then you should make a backup of your current theme files so you don't lose your changes.

    Let me know if that helps at all and I'll give you next steps.