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Moved to new server, now portions of flavor don't work


  • Stephen started the conversation

    Moved the site to a new server. Nameservers have not been redirected yet, but when testing the site, everything works, expect three areas of the theme don't show up:

    1) When logged in as admin, the top menu bar is not there (it is if you go into wp-admin)

    2) the carousel doesn't show anything, even though it is configured correctly.

    3) the Footer twitter feed does not display.

    I have disabled all plug-ins to see if that is the issue - nope.

    I have re-downloaded the Flavor theme and have overwritten it to see if that will fix it - nope.

    At this time I'm stuck. I know there is a simple fix to this, but can't find it. HELP!

  • Stephen replied

    Note. When I switch to a default theme, the top admin menu bar at the top of the page returns... 

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    Brian replied

    Sounds like your new server needs a tweak or two to meet the theme requirements. Please double-check the theme requirements and make sure you meet them here: