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Post loop


  • Gergely started the conversation


    Is it possible to set the type of posts (category, tag) minisite specific which shows at  the post loop, like it can be set on the main page post loop?


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    Brian replied

    I don't understand your question, can you please be more specific? What specifically do you want to change? Are you asking about editing the theme code manually?

  • Gergely replied


    Sorry for my bad english.
    So, in the admin panel, there is an option, to set the type of posts, which shows up in the post loop. This setting is for the main page.
    But if I go into my minisite admin panel, there, at the post loop section, isn't any sorting options.

    So is it possible, to set a type of minisite posts, which shows up, at the post loop of my minisite?


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    Brian replied

    Oh I see, so by type of posts you mean category/tag, not actual post type (which would be minisite - Custom Post Type). Thanks for clarifying what you mean. However the ability to do this is not in the theme options and would require custom theme modification. Let me know if you need help locating any specific existing lines of code within the theme.