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  • Andy started the conversation


    I'm looking for a way of showing a subset of the whole movie database.  I'm just using the movie minisite.  For example, I would like to display movies which have now been released on DVD.  I thought about adding a category called "Released on DVD" but then is there a way I could create a menu item which shows a page of movies which have this category ticked only?  It might not be best to use categories, maybe I could use a tag or a new taxonomy.  Can this be done?  I can only seem to create pages which show the whole database, albeit sorted but not a subset of movies.



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    Brian replied

    Absolutely. Whether you use a category or a tag, just put that category or tag into any of your menus and when clicking on it you will see only movies within that category or tag (an archive page).

  • Andy replied

    Thats great, thanks.  Don't know why i didnt' think of that :o)