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minisite url


  • Dooby started the conversation


    i have 4 minisites but i cant find the link to the minisite.

    the post posted on the main screen but i would like to redirect my readers to specific minisite.

    how can i find minisite link?



  • Cesare replied

    You need to setup the front page of the minisite first.

    To do that, go to Pages >> Add a New Page, name your page, set the url of the minisite, and next to "Front Page For A Minisite" select your minisite name. Save the page when you're done.

  • Dooby replied


    did it.


    still dont see the minisite posts


  • Cesare replied

    Please note that standard WordPress posts differ from minisite posts. So you will actually have to convert them (use this plugin, although I really never tried it),

    To add a post to the minisite select the minisite from the WordPress admin sidebar >> Add new article.

  • Dooby replied


    Already published posts under the minisite. 

    The problem is that I failed to define 1 page that present all posts from specific minisite. 

    I was opened new page with front page for minisite and choose the relevant ministe but the page is empty. 


  • Cesare replied

    Make sure that you followed carefully all the steps above.

    If you did, I'd need admin info to check what's wrong in your website configuration. But I'm not the theme author, so please wait for Industrialthemes to better assist you.

  • Dooby replied


    Waiting for industrial themes response

  • Cesare replied

    In the meantime, let's see if you can get it working by rebuilding your permalinks: Settings >> Permalinks >> Save changes.

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    Brian replied

    Try setting your permalinks structure to Post Name instead of Default and then let me know if you still have issues viewing your minisite after that.

    Thanks for the support assists Cesare!

  • Dooby replied

    thanks all.

    it works