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Wordpress 4.0 + WooCommerce 2.2.6 + Flavor


  • Oliver started the conversation


    I use to work with WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin 

    This plugin can't do the job because woocommerce (last update) isn't ok with flavor theme.

    If I try old woocommerce (like 2.0.0), plugin don't detect woocommerce activation...

    Can we fix this bug :

    wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-webhook.php on line 89



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    Brian replied

    I will add to my list of things to look into for the next theme update to make sure it's compatible with woocommerce 2.2.6

  • Oliver replied

    Flavor is the first review theme with woocommerce compatibity...So I think it's the best review theme... Very useful :-)

    Thanks very much.

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    Brian replied

    Great thanks so much for the kind words! :)