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  • Julian started the conversation

    Hi my theme resolution is bigger. What I mean is that I cannot fit in my advert which was fitting before I rebuilt my website. I am using flavor 1.12

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    Brian replied

    Did you turn off responsive in the theme options? Are you viewing on a smaller viewport (browser/window) than before? As for the ad, it looks like you are not using the responsive ad unit but the regular one.

  •   Julian replied privately
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    Brian replied

    The theme is fully compatible with 5.4. I'm not sure I understand the issue with curl that you're having. Maybe you just need to activate curl on your web server. Have you read through the theme requirements yet? They are in the FAQs.

    You realize the problem stops when you deactivate all of your themes or plugins? You said themes, but I think maybe you meant plugins? Please confirm...

  • Julian replied

    i meant plugins. Thanks.