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Translate - No changes in frontpage


  • Maximiliano started the conversation

    I am trying to translate my flavor site to spanish language. I change the strings in .PO file but nothing happens in frontpage, no changes. I miss something?

    I know that i can change the translations in PHP files, but if I update the theme, the PHP files will be replaced and all translations I already made would be lost.

    Any clue to identify the problem and solve this?

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    Brian replied

    Check out this FAQ which explains how to translate the theme: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/808

  • Maximiliano replied

    I already followed those steps before posting this. But nothing happens. I translate the .po I create the .mo, both with es_ES name.

    So, in LANGUAGE folder I have next files:


    I need delete the en_US files? How I tell wordpress/flavor that es_ES.mo/po are the files that I need?

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    Brian replied

    You have to have WordPress installed in your language in the first place for it to read those translation files. Did you install WordPress in English or Spanish originally?

  • Maximiliano replied

    I have all my WordPress in Spanish. In this case im talking about the LANGUAGE folder in wp-content/languages
    and in flavor/lang i have es_ES.po and es_ES.mo but nothing happens in frontpage.

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    Brian replied

    I have never actually translated a theme before personally. I provide the working .po file (which I have done) and the rest is done by the user. I'm not really sure why it's not working on your end, but I can confirm that all other users have been able to translate the theme correctly using the steps listed in the FAQ. I recommend using WordPress support for further information about how to implement translation files in a theme and help for troubleshooting why it might not be working.