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Social Media Tab Widget & Code


  • Scott started the conversation

    I added twitter widget code and installed the social media tab in the footer. I was displaying much bigger than the 250 px I had set, so removed the widget in footer and now have it above the top menu. I removed the code totally from theme options but it still exists.

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    Brian replied

    Did you clear your plugin cache? If you removed it from the theme options it shouldn't be displaying anywhere on your site.

  • Scott replied

    I don't have a cache plugin installed and have checked the wp-config file to confirm no caching...do I need to install then remove once cleared and if so which one do you suggest?

    Where the twitter widget is showing up is not even a widget space right? (see image attached to original post)

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    Brian replied

    Yeah, that's not a space at all - there isn't a way that I know of for the theme to be putting it there. Are you sure you don't have the twitter widget code anywhere else at all in your theme options? Like for instance do you have it added to the Google Analytics or Custom Javascript input boxes or any other area?

  • Scott replied


    I didn't have the code placed in any other options and not sure what caused it but just gotta move on. I just completely started from scratch and won't use that widget.