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Change FILTER icons and add text


  • Maximiliano started the conversation

    Hi brian!

    I want to know if there a way to change the DEFAULT icons in the loop filters for a custom icon.

    Even add some text next to icon

    Thanks in advance

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    Brian replied

    These are icon fonts so you would need to change the classes of the anchor links to match whatever icon fonts you want, or swap them out with images of your own. It's in the inc/post-loop.php file lines 281 - 291. You'll notice each link has a class such as "icon-liked", "icon-viewed", etc. and that is what you'd need to change to match whatever other icon you want to use.

  •   Maximiliano replied privately
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    Brian replied

    If you want to change it to use an image rather than an icon font, you would literally need to put the image in there. Something like this:

    <?php if(!in_array('awarded', $disabled)) { ?><a data-sorter="awarded" title="<?php _e('RECENTLY AWARDED', IT_TEXTDOMAIN); ?>"><img src="your image location" /></a><?php } ?>
  • Maximiliano replied

    Works like a charm! But I realize that a TOOLTIP doesn't appear over the icon that I replaced?

    Any clue to solve this?

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    Brian replied

    You have to give the surrounding element a class of "info" and also a title, and then it will display a tooltip of whatever you add for the title.

  • Maximiliano replied

    Perfect! Its work. Many thanks Brian
    I hope u have a great weekend!