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Login required for ratings


  • Scott started the conversation

    Is it possible to require a login for ratings? I noticed it will allow the ratings w/o login. Want to verify each reviewer before allowing ratings along with the comments.

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    Brian replied

    With Flavor there is not currently a way to limit ratings to logged in users. Some of our newer themes have this feature, but we haven't had a chance to update Flavor yet. It's on our to do list, not sure on timeframe yet though

  • Ethan replied

    Is it available on Explicit by any chance? If not, is there a time frame for release?

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    Brian replied

    Yes this feature is available in the Explicit theme.

  • Scott replied

    Thanks Brian for the quick answer and I'll be awaiting the update.

  • S replied

    This would be a very nice feature for the Flavour Theme.

    Thumbs up =)

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    Brian replied

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback.

  • [deleted] replied

    +1 on this feature !

    I was sure Flavour was doing it too when I bought it instead of Explicit for my project as its a critical feature for me. And now that everything is almost done I just realized it doesnt ! I put the blame on my graphist wife that made me change my mind at the last minute :)

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    Brian replied

    Hehe, I have placed similar blame in the past - it is therapeutic if anything :) Thanks for the feedback.