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  • Darren started the conversation

    Hello, Please see attached URL, we are in the middle of a difficult changeover from our old theme to your new one (Flavor). 

    We are testing the user rating feature, however the ratings of users do not save when the screen is refreshed. Also the total does not show for user ratings.

    This isnt a caching issue (have already gone through every post here on ticksy), its not a plug in issue - have removed all plug ins, and is not an installation issue - have removed and re-installed all files. Also we have "unlimited user ratings" unchecked.


  • Darren replied

    An update for you rating via comment does work, however we would like to allow ratings without having to leave a comment

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    Brian replied

    I see the issue - you have uploaded the theme incorrectly. It exists here currently:


    Instead, it should be here:


    Moving it to the right location will fix the issue. Or you can edit line 7 of the functions/ajax.php file and change it to this (one extra ../ ):

    $wordpress_location = "../../../../../wp-load.php";
  • Darren replied

    Thats great! Thx for the theme!

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    Brian replied

    You're welcome!