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Permalink categories issue while migrating


  • Antonio started the conversation

    Hi! I wanted to migrate from Flavor to Explicit but, when I started to create the categories to match with minisites, there are some of then which appear with the -2 at the end of the slug

    I tried to delete every page and category which could have the same slug but I can´t make it, and I can´t keep with the migration without this

    Any idea?


  • Antonio replied

    Finally, it only happens with a certain category (sitios). The rest slug issues were solved when I deleted the tags called the same way but, I can´t fix that one and I checked for almost everything (pages, tags, taxonomies...)

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    Brian replied

    Whenever WordPress detects something with a name already in use it adds -2. So categories, tags, pages, taxonomies, custom post types, etc. Try rebuilding your permalinks and/or checking your trash.