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Minisites are down


  • jason started the conversation

    I have recently used duplicator to change my webhost and everything seemed to work fine judging by the main page. I than looked further and none of my minisites were loading and were just a blank page. I am stuck and not sure where to look from here.

    Second question. I am going to upgrade to explicit theme from flavor and from what I read should be no problems. Doing that with the site broken I am sure would cause issues correct? Or would this give me a working theme and just pull my data from previous minisites? The minisites are all intact on the backend as far as layout, taxonomies, etc. so the data is there. Would this fix it or should I get the current site working first?


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    Brian replied

    Sorry for the delay in response, it's been an absolutely crazy week around here...

    It sounds like your new web host probably has a different setting that is causing a PHP error - we just need to find out exactly what that error is so we can fix it. First, make sure your new server meets the minimum theme requirements and make any necessary adjustments here: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/1917

    If you still can't figure it out, let's look in your error_log and see what the fatal error message being generated there is.

    As for updating to Explicit, things are a bit different and would require some adjustments to get your content where you want it. Take a look at the migration guide for moving to Explicit located here: http://www.industrialthemes.com/explicit/support/d...