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Responsive ads


  • Christos started the conversation

    Hello again.

    I've been trying to set my responsive adsense to work with Steam, but it doesn't show up, even after following this guide:


    Is there something extra i have to do for Steam?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Brian replied

    What specific ad slot are you putting it in? Have you tested it with the default WordPress theme to see if it works there, just to isolate the issue to the theme?

  • Christos replied

    Yes, it's happening on Steam, on the adslot to the right oh the header.

    If i use a fixed width adsense, it works just fine. But responsive ad won't show up.

    Same thing happens when i follow something like this:


    So, for some reason, i guess it's unable to calculate the width, so it shows nothing.

    I wouldn't worry about responsive adsense, but fixed width ads on the header looks horrible when visiting my page using a tablet/smartphone. And Google warns about that on webmaster tools (so it's bad SEO).

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    Brian replied

    Yeah that's because you can't have a responsive adsense ad in a floated ad slot (like the right header ad slot) so you would need to disable the logo from that area and turn the header into a full-width centered block level ad rather than a floated ad. Is that something you'd like me to help you with?

  • Christos replied

    I managed to do it, without any modifications to the css, using the code provided here:


    The only problem that i'm having is that when visiting my site from a mobile device, the ad is too close to the logo and there is a big blank space just below it.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    Brian replied

    Glad you got that working! For the padding issues, try adding this to your custom css theme option:

    @media (max-width: 979px) {
    #logo-bar .logo {margin-bottom:20px}
    #logo-inner {padding-bottom:0px}

  • Christos replied

    OK, i'm oing to try this.

    Thanks, i have one more question, more serious, so i'm goung to open another ticket.

  • Sohail Akbar replied

    Make advertise responsive for both mobile and PC users. As on the pc suite web. https://pcsuite.net/

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    Brian replied

    Please open a new ticket with your question (@Sohail Akbar)