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"Must Read" break layout


  • Alex Wiebogen started the conversation

    Good evening,

    As you can see on the screenshot, there is a massive layout bug when an article displayed in the recommendations is the TAG "Must Read".  This can be viewed in the attached link.

    Request for support

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    Brian replied

    I don't believe that is coming from the must read tag, I think it's other malformed html within the post itself. For instance, this page on your site has the must read in the recommended section but is not broken: https://gogames.news/harry-potter-wizards-unite/das-brillante-event-staerker-zusammen-teil-2/

    Check the content specifically entered for the post with the issues - there is likely some sort of unclosed div tag or other block level element.

  • Alex Wiebogen replied


    I have now found out that it is not the post office, but a DIV that comes from the theme. But why it destroys this I do not understand. But it may be related to the other bug in iOS. 

    If you look at the source code you can see that there is a DIV with the class = "magazine-categories" which is empty and moves the whole layout. I once removed the complete DIV in the debugger of Chrome and it looked like it should. 

    Now the question is: Why is there an empty div here and where can I remove it in the source code of the theme?

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