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Sticky Menu Wrapping in Firefox


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    Joseph started the conversation

    The sticky menu is wrapping to a second line in Firefox and Edge , but (thankfully) not in Chrome. I'm pretty sure it's because one of my categories has a long description (3 words) instead of 1 or  two words. Can you send me the css code to correct for that while keeping the everything relative. I've tried playing around with the css element but I can't figure out how to do it. 

    See screenshots.

    Thank you - Joseph

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    Brian replied

    Open the theme file js/scripts.js and find line 408:

    var menuwidth = 1; //needs to start at 1, not 0

    Try changing it to this:

    var menuwidth = 50; //needs to start at 1, not 0

    Make sure you copy the entire contents of the scripts.js file after you make this edit and overwrite all of the content in the scripts.min.js file

    Then clear your site and browser cache and see if that helps.

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    Joseph replied

    That worked. Thank you, Brian!