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Page dont load on iOS Mobile


  • Alex Wiebogen started the conversation

    Hi Guys,

    We have spent a lot of time in the past weeks preparing our relaunch. Now a user told us that the site, with engine as theme on mobile iOS devices does not load. Unfortunately we have no possibility to debug it, because I have no iOS. With a simulator on the web I could at least test it on an iPhone 6, everything works fine there. But on an iPhone x I have seen that the page does not build up. 

    please check this as soon as possible, it is not an option for us as a news site with 90% mobile users to exclude the Apple users.

  • Alex Wiebogen replied

    Whats happen on iPhone x

    Attached files:  WhatsApp Video 2019-12-23 at 13.55.14.mp4

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    Brian replied

    We need to isolate the cause of the issue on your site. Engine theme works fine on ios, so something is happening on your specific site. Please temporarily try disabling all of your plugins and see if it loads on ios. Then we can reenable them one by one until it breaks and we'll know which one is the cause. What is your website URL?

  • Alex Wiebogen replied


    I have spent the last few day by day analyzing and limiting this error and was actually able to narrow it down to one function. 

    It's definitely not a bug with my plugins, because if I enable a standard theme of Wordpress everything works fine. It also only occurs with newer iOS versions (browser independent). Even with Google Chrome on an iOS device.

    I could limit it to this function


    jQuery(document).ready(function() --> adjustMagazineCategories()

    If I comment out this function, the page structure runs without a sample (https://gogames.news).  Please check this to see why iOS is so resistant to these functions in the method.


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    Brian replied

    Ah yes, that function can have performance issues. Are you using magazine panels on your homepage? And do you have many subcategories within those categories?

  • Alex Wiebogen replied


    No, we don't use the panel, because without the function we had to comment out, it destroys the whole layout. We would like to use the panel, but it blocks the page layout on iOS devices.

    We have 6 main categories with several subcategories.