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Widget, Sub Menu, & Minisite


  • Duma started the conversation

    The widget categories drop down options does not appear if you select a name/ link it says, "Nothing to see here." 

    Also, having the same problem when I added a sub menu, you click on the link (artist name) and I get the same response, "nothing to see here." 

    One of the mini sites "Washington DC" background does not change to the selected background for Washington DC, it stays the same as the homepage. It works find on all the other mini site, but this one is giving me a headache and a half. Help??

    How do I fix these issues?

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    Brian replied

    Go to your Theme Options >> Post Loops and make sure you don't have any categories or tags or minisites selected in the "limit posts" area and see if that helps anything. For the background, you have to actually make sure you set a specific background in the minisite options for each minisite. Is it happening only on the front page of the minisite or all articles and pages within the minisite/