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Bug in Editor Rating


  • Bogdan started the conversation


    I noticed a huge bug in the editor rating form. Let's say I add a location (a restaurant) and I rate it as an editor for 7 criterias. When I want to edit the ratings not all of them work. I mean I change all the ratings for all the criterias, I save and I see that only 4 criterias were changed and the other remain unchanged. This problem occurs only with some articles, not all. Can you please give me a fix on this?

    Thank you!

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    Brian replied

    It's probably because you have some rating criteria with the same names of as some of the details. Make sure no rating criteria share the same name as any details.

  • Bogdan replied

    I checked and I didn't use the same name for different criterias. Anyway I deleted a character then added it back again and this trick solved the problem. However this is a bug and maybe you could address it in the next update.

    Thank you!