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i can't activate the megamenu / in the shortcodes generator where is the short code


  • anthony started the conversation

    Hello ! 

    1) I can't activate the megamenu like on your demo

    2) Is it possible to have a sticky menu at the same time as a menu section? Because when I try they are both merged

    3) In the shortecodes generator part, when I click on "send shortcode to editor" where is the shortcode? Where is the editor?

    thks !

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    Brian replied

    1) Please read the theme documentation on how to create the mega menu. Have you read that section yet?

    2) Yes, you can have both a section menu and a standard menu. They are two separate menus in the menus page. Also this is in the theme docs.

    3) You have to use the Classic Editor to use the shortcode generator. You can install this plugin from the plugin directory.

  • anthony replied

    Okay, one more question

    how to change the hover color of menu, hublot, hero etc ?

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    Brian replied

    You would have to manually modify the theme css for that. You can use Inspect Element in Chrome to find out what css rules are applied to any element, and  then put  your custom css in the theme options.