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Mixed Translate String


  • Alex Wiebogen started the conversation

    Hello dear support team,

    I currently have a problem with a translate variable. 

    Pink and red have the same string variable when I translate it. Yellow and blue, seem to have 2 different variables, resulting in this anomaly.

    Can you please help me to separate these variables? I just need the information what these blocks are called or where I can find them in the code. The megamenu was easy for me, because I knew it was called "megamenu".

    Br Alex

    Attached files:  Templatevariables.png

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    Brian replied

    You can edit the code directly to translate. Open the functions/theme.php file and locate lines 435 and 443 which are the "Next" and "Prev" strings in the page left nav.

    And then a little further down at lines 475 and 490 are the other "Previous" and "Next" strings in the popout nav.