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Category Front Page not working


  • Andy started the conversation

    I am trying to create custom category pages for my site.

    When I create a page and select the "Category Front Page" option to one of my categories - the website no longer displays a list of the posts in that category, just my custom text. I have tried every possible layout option in the page menu, and still nothing.

    I even added a Grid and a Builder Panel to the Standard Page Layout under the Theme Options and still nothing.


  • Andy replied

    Never mind, I figured it out. Sadly, it had nothing to do with Category Front Page, I just had to add the grid as a short code...You can mark this one as solved.

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    Brian replied

    Sorry for the delay, glad you figured it out!

  • Sohail Akbar replied

    I am also looking for font like this, As I am looking for a clear text font like the thoptv page at the this site.

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    Brian replied

    Please open a new ticket with your question as it is not related to this.