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Missing H1 tag?


  • Juli started the conversation

    Hello, is there a way for Flavor to generate H1 tags for taxonomy pages?  For example, on my site, "Probiotics" is a taxonomy type for the "Supplements" minisite, but when I go to the Probiotics landing page, SEO Doctor is saying that the page is missing H1 tags, and I find this to be true.  It would be ideal if the H1 tag was generated from the minisite name and taxonomy type.



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    Brian replied

    So where would you want the h1 tags to display on that page? Above the post loop but below the control/sort bar? Or somewhere else on the page?

  • Juli replied

    I would want the H1 tag to be hidden, to reduce redundancy.  Ideally, it would just draw from the minisite name and the taxonomy type specified (i.e., it would be, "Supplements Probiotics").  (BTW, I'm a complete noob and don't have a good idea of how much this would affect SEO, I'm just going off what SEO Dr is saying.)

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    Brian replied

    Having it hidden would be worse for SEO than having it not on the page at all - Google knows when content is hidden and that can hurt results rankings.