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Sub Menu Problem


  • kartik started the conversation

    Hi Sir,

    Sub menu for some minisites are not working, For Real Estate and Education it is fine, but for others unable to get. Please check and resolve.

  • Screencredits replied

    Hi Kartik -

    Are you're using mini-site taxonomies for each of your mini-site sub-menus?

    If so, couple of things for you to check:

    In each of the mini-sites that aren't working, go to their mini-site options, scroll down to the bottom to the General area and check to see if you toggled (turned on) Taxonomy Submenu.

    If they are already toggled on, then make sure that you don't have menu items hidden for empty categories/taxonomies.

    If you're not using taxonomies for your mini-site sub-menus, then do the same thing but make sure that "Taxonomy Submenu" is toggled off and check that the option to hide empty menu items is turned off.

    - Jason

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    Brian replied

    Thanks for the assist Jason, Kartik: let me know if you still have issues after following his advice.

  • kartik replied

    Thank you very much for your support sir, I made that one to work but now I am facing another problem,

    In home page I am getting all the cities as sub menu under each article. But when i click on the city I am not getting the sub menu and also the page showing no posts. We had som many so many posts on earlier and in the admin panel also we are having the huge posts. 

    Please resolve this one also.



  • kartik replied

    More Explanation  : 

    We have some articles as menu like "Real Estate", "Education" Once we click on this we can able to see the sub menus as "Cities" like 'bangalore', 'chennai' etc. But when we click on the "city" we are not able to see the 'city' as sub menu. Please check in the link http://brandpoke.com

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    Brian replied

    You have to create your minisite front page for each minisite. Please watch the screencast which visually explains how to do this.

  • kartik replied

    Yes you are right sir, We have created the minisites and done all basic stuff, Even before everything was working fine. In last one week only we are facing issue, We tried all the methods which is possible and tried my level best. Unable to resolve this problem, so I came here. If you want i can you the credentials to check from your side.


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    Brian replied

    So you were running Flavor without issues a week ago and then all the sudden it started not working correctly? In that case we need to run through some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

    Completely disable all of your plugins, then re-download a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest and overwrite all of your current theme files on your server with a fresh copy and see if that fixes the issue. You won't lose any content or settings since those are stored in the database, but if you have made any changes directly to any of the theme code then you should make a backup of your current theme files so you don't lose your changes.