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Deleted Reviews


  • Nat started the conversation

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to solve my review issue.

    So let's say 9 users post up a rating and the overall user rating is displayed at the very top (as seen in the attachment). If the admin deletes all 9 of the reviews, the overall ratings should correspond to this by also saying 0 reviews and delete all star ratings.

    I had to delete the reviews via the comment section in the dashboard so perhaps there is another location where the reviews/stars need to be deleted?

    Thank you!

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    Brian replied

    Try resetting user ratings by editing the post and scrolling down to the resets section at the very bottom and clicking the reset user ratings checkbox and saving the post - that should get rid of the user ratings...

  • Nat replied

    Sorry, I meant if there is a way to select which reviews you can delete from a particular post. I  may only want to delete 1 or 2 out of 9 reviews due to user complaints and reports.

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    Brian replied

    You would need to go to the Comments screen in WordPress and delete the comments from there. That would delete the comment/review from displaying at the end of the post, but it would still include the rating in the total user ratings for the post. In order to change that you would need to manually make modifications to the theme code, because currently there is no way in the dashboard to remove only certain user ratings from the overall total average score.