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Location of export theme options?


  • Karam started the conversation

    Hey Brian!

    SpawnFirst was recently acquired by another company, but all the theme settings were lost during the transfer.

    I still have the application and database files, and am trying to see where the "export theme settings" file would be (in database or FS?).  Please let me know so I can send them over to the new company and they can import them into the theme so it's back to its own self.

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    Brian replied

    It's in the database - it's stored in the wp_options table. You should load up the theme options and go to the advanced tab and copy the export settings from there and give it to the new company. And if you only have the database just install the theme on a test WP install and import your db in mysql, then you'll see the theme options with the export settings - that's easier than digging through the wp_options table directly in the database...

  • Karam replied

    Thanks again, Brian!