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String not translated


  • Bogdan started the conversation


    I have one string that is translated properly in the .po file but the translation is not fetched in frontend. The original string is this one:

    "Posts Tagged ‘"

    I can hardcode the translation but I would rather use a fix from you because you don't have a child theme and I don't want to keep redoing all the changes in the file at each theme update.

    PS: your demo site is broken (for Flavor theme).

    Thank you!

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    Brian replied

    Thanks for pointing that out, not sure what's going on but I'm looking into the server. I'll add posts tagged to the new .po translation, thanks for pointing that out. If you need help locating where that is in the theme code let me know.

  • Bogdan replied

    The "Post Tagged" already exist in the .po file and it is properly translated but it isn't fetched into frontend. The string is located in the post-loop.php file, I found it right away but I rather not hardcode.

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    Brian replied

    I understand, thanks again for pointing this out, I'll have a look at it.