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Rating & Criteria problem


  • Ron started the conversation
    Ratings are not calculating properly on AUTO. http://www.peniseum.com/peniseum101/big-dickler-kegel-exercises/ I have 5 stars on each category (only 4 exist), but it's showing 80%. also, in the section where you name the Criteria (in theme options), there are 4 blanked areas 1. my choice 2. blank 3. my choice 4. blank 5. my choice 6. blank 7. my choice 8. blank I tried to remove the blanks but they always come back. Then i tried fixing the order, and removing the blanks, but then they came back as even more blanks. I think it's taking the bottom blank ad factoring it in with the ratings
  • Ron replied


    on this link, you will notice that there are 4 criterias.


    Can or cannot several minisites use the same criteria name?


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    Brian replied

    Yes several minisites can use the same criteria names, that will not break anything. Try a new post and see if it calculates correctly. My thought is that you created an article, added ratings, and then subsequently removed some rating criteria in the theme options.