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Taxonomies , Navigation post Slider , Icons Firefox


  • Amil started the conversation

    Hi , im having a few issue with flavor , hope you can help me,

    1. taxonomies , everytime if i click "save all change" on theme option my taxonomies setting will lost but on the minisite my taxonomies still intact , ( check out the video)

    2. some of flavor navigation not working , im getting a small orange "error icon" on bottm left screen ( check video )

    3. on firefox some of social icon wont load up ( check video )

    and here the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDTNUKXSWSk

    help me please ...

  • Screencredits replied

    Have you tried deactivating all of your plug-ins to see if that solves the issues?

  • Amil replied

    nope , deactivating my plugins still not solve the issue

  • Screencredits replied

    I just reviewed your video again. I noticed that you did not choose a primary taxonomy for your mini-site.

    You need to toggle the "Primary" taxonomy option in your mini-site options.


  • Screencredits replied

    Also, you should upgrade to the theme's latest version (v1.11) if you haven't already.

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    Brian replied

    Thanks for the multiple support assists screencredits!

  • Amil replied

    thanks guys the taxonomies is settled then just updated to 1.11 ,

    but my post loop navigation is not working , keep getting error when click on page 2 or switch the post grid/list switcher
    any idea how to fix this?

    and also i have this problem on my reviews section

    Warning: Division by zero in /*****/****/******/******/themes/flavor/inc/post-loop.php on line 119

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    Brian replied

    Sounds like you might be setting a page as a minisite directory - set it as default instead (or select a number of posts per page in the minisite directory options so you don't get that error)

  • Amil replied

    thanks for the help >.< just reset everything new wordpress and new database ...everything seem to work fine now
    thanks again