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Details and Rating disappeared


  • Luris started the conversation
    Yes mate, just as it sounds, since wordpress was updated to the last version details and ratings dissapeared. However everything is ok in the backgound, all the settings and minisite criterias for rating and details are like if nothing happened; they disappear only when I go to the web and ckech it. Where sould I look first? Since I already deactivated all the plugins and checked that the plugins are not the reason I'm out of ideas, I also checked that I'm not hiding the ratings or details on the theme options panel. Thank you.
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    Brian replied

    You need to update to Flavor 1.11 in order to fix this issue, which was introduced in WordPress 3.9

  • Steven replied

    How do you update to Flavor 1.11?

  • Screencredits replied

    @Steven Instructions to update the theme are located here: http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/faq/1005

  • Luris replied

    Hello, thanks for the response, however I had already updated the theme and it didn't solve the problem.

    As I said before, the rating had disappeared along with the taxonomies. So there's no way my users can rate or sort my posts, however the background and settings are just like if nothing had happened. I just updated the theme a few minutes ago, but for what I know Wordpress had another recent update to 3.9.1.

    May I try something else or wait for a new Theme Update?

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    Brian replied

    After updating to 1.11 you should go back into your theme options and click on confirm minisites in the minisite setup screen that that should bring back the ratings and taxonomies.

  • Luris replied

    Solved. Thank you!