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Highlighting across html in the body


  • Keith Mason started the conversation

    I've noticed that when one highlights over a section of text that includes a link that the link is treated as a separate highlight. This can break up a paragraph of highlights and clutter the page. Is there something that can be done about this?

    Also - on medium you are unable to highlight across paragraphs and headings - is it possible to stop this from happening with this plugin? To stop mass highlighting and potential spam or errors?

    Another thing I've noticed is that special characters aren't being rendered correctly in the highlights. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    Final point - is it possible to anchor a link to the highlight when presented as part of a list? Default is to just take the user to the post but if the header is a link too is it possible to anchor link to the corresponding highlight on the page? Failing that is it possible to strip the links in a highlight and just leave the highlight header as a link? I don't see the point in making the entire highlight a link if it doesn't actually take you to the highlight in question, especially on longer entries.

    You can examples of this live on the site 'www.stromata.co'

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  • Keith Mason replied

    This seems like something affects the demo page too. Is there a workaround for this potentially?

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    Brian replied

    I see what you're saying. The library we use to calculate the highlight blocks, when it comes in contact with any other sort of html element (including links, paragraphs, etc.) will end the highlight and start a new one. This is done so that the page layout is never broken no matter what a user highlights. Otherwise your page flow after the highlights could potentially get all thrown off. The downside is that making really long highlights of things beyond standard text will result in multiple highlights, as you have pointed out. It's nothing you're doing wrong.

  • Keith Mason replied

    Is there a potential workaround or is this just something unavoidable for the time being?

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    Brian replied

    Unfortunately it's unavoidable for the time being.

  • jaidev replied


    I had long discussion regarding this earlier too. Any solutions?

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    Brian replied

    Not at this time, unfortunately.