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[highlighter-stats] not working and [highlighter-view] unable to be customised


  • Keith Mason started the conversation

    I love the plugin but I'm having issues with customising the display.

    On my single entry page, above the_content(); I've added...

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[highlighter-stats]'); ?>

    and this isn't showing up in page.

    (EDIT: This has started showing up now for some reason, maybe I had to wait for the cron job to be run?)

    I also have an account page where I want to show the 5 most recent highlights before adding a link for people to view all their highlights. I tried adding...

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[highlighter-view title="write title here" num="5"]'); ?>

    But it just lists 'all' highlights (or does it show 5 posts rathers than 5 highlights?). The same as the page which I link to below this short code where I just added the unedited shortcode to show all highlights.

    I'm guessing I'm missing something?

    Also, down the line - If I'm looking at a higher volume of highlights is there a way to index highlights by post? Eg show a list of post titles which have my highlights, click on a post title and then get taken to a list of the highlights in that particular entry?

    You can see it live on 'www.stromata.co' although you'd have to have an account to see the latter part of my enquiry in the account section.

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    Brian replied

    Yeah the first part was likely cron job related. The second part, unfortunately the "num" attribute does not work with the [highlighter-view] shortcode. That one only takes a userid. Cool idea on the indexing highlights by post. There is no shortcode for that currently, but IĀ could see rolling that into a future possible plugin update.