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Site Title / Logo / Tagline too big for Mobile view


  • Emanuel Dumitru started the conversation

    Hello... I want my site title (as I'm not using logo) to be displayed on mobile devices right as right now it is too big and can't be seen because it goes underneath.

    Even if I use logo, the image won't be auto-resized to mobile view.

    I have another question too...

    Right now, I have 3 categories in my Sticky Bar, if I want to add a fourth one it will go out of the sticky bar... how to fix that please?

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    Brian replied

    Can you provide the URL of where this is happening so we can look at the CSS and provide a fix? Thanks.

  • Emanuel Dumitru replied


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    Brian replied

    Try adding this to your custom css theme option:

    @media screen and (max-width:768px) {

    #logo a {font-size:38px;}