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javascript does not work


  • Marek started the conversation
    I have one problem This javascript does not work : $(function() { $("iframe").each( function(index, elem) { elem.setAttribute("allowfullscreen",""); } ); }); I need this js . Could you advise me js that will work? Of course with this feature.
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    Brian replied

    You can't use the $ identifier with the jQuery libarary in WordPress, you have to use the jQuery identifier instead because it's in no conflict mode.

  • Marek replied

    <script type="text/javascript"> 
    jQuery(function() {  
         function(index, elem) {

    is it good? because still not working

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    Brian replied

    That is correct. As far as what you're trying to do with the javascript I have no idea (support does not cover troubleshooting custom code) but I just noticed right off the bat you were using the wrong selector. If you need help I recommend Elto for customizations: https://www.elto.com/?invite=industrial