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Is Duplicating the Footer.php Possible


  • Romancia started the conversation
    Is there anyway to create additional footer style widget layout so we can have multiple. I can use for say Editorial or as I have here Authors that Write for Us. We are having several partners so we want to give a couple sections over to them. At the the moment that section is hard-coded into the footer.php file but I don't want to do that for every one. Is there are way to duplicate your footer. php into sections?
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    Brian replied

    I'm sure there's a way to do what you are wanting to do, but it would require custom theme modifications. Probably wouldn't be tough for a developer to do from Microlancer.com or Elto.com. If you need any specific locations of existing theme code please let me know, thanks!

  • Romancia replied

    thank you I was wondering if it was in your section in the theme setting I was missing you answered my question at this time. Not ready for custom modifications not sure even if it will be permanent to warranty it.


    thank you

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    Brian replied

    Glad to help.