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Highlighter fragments the html


  • jaidev started the conversation


    I see that highlighter works by adding span to the selected elements. But due to this is user selects something like this  <p><b> Home</b> is great </p> then highlighter fragments this one line "Home is great" into two spans i.e. "Home" and "is great" . 

    Hence highlighter stats gives two highlights and in per user highlight page two different lines are created like -


    is great

    Can we have a solution for this please! Otherwise user just get confused when looks at own highlights because he/she dosen't know why there are multiple lines in his highlights when he clearly highlighted one line.


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    Brian replied

    Unfortunately you can't highlight across multiple block-level elements like p or div tags without the engine creating multiple highlights - otherwise it would break the layout of the page and ruin the presentation. I had looked into ways around that, but due to the way the highlighter currently wraps highlights in spans it simply isn't possible. Down the road in a future update it's possible I will rework the way the engine does this, but there isn't a simple solution at this time.

  • jaidev replied

    Thank you for reply. But it is nearly impossible to write articles without using some elements like bold or italic. Which effects usability of this very much. Can we have a solution to just skip these basic elements. 

  • jaidev replied

    ok. Can you please see this page https://blog.emumba.com/how-to-let-users-highlight-your-html-c1013abf68fb?token=z9zhAyC1obWJAudE . I highlighted text here and they are adding just one span overall. 

    Can't we add an attribute for auto created spans. So that while retrieving all the span we can check 

    If(attribute_flag is set)


    skip adding class in shortcode view


    so that auto split span get written in same line and HTML is not broken.

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    Brian replied

    bold and italic are not block-level elements, so those shouldn't affect the highlighter spans. Are you noticing this is the case?

  • jaidev replied

    yes. problem is also with bold and italics. 

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    Brian replied

    hmm, well that is something we're going to have to add to our list of future theme updates. I appreciate you pointing that out.