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  • Nicholas started the conversation
    I am just starting out but have had my site for some time I am just now getting time to put it together. I am having 2 issues one is that the screen cast you guys did for the menus is out of date cause the format changed and I am lost. Also the square box with the previews of recent posts is gone sorry for my limited vocabulary by saying the square box im using flavor 1.1
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    Brian replied

    For the menus it's still the same idea, you need to create the menus and assign them in the manage locations tab. I'll try to update the screencast soon for less confusion though, so thanks for pointing this out. I'm not sure what you mean by square box - can you provide a screenshot of this? Also, if you're only using Flavor 1.1 you should definitely update to the newest version which is 1.10

  • Nicholas replied

    Ok i got it I was trying to do it the same way you were doing in the screencast but i dont have the demo settings imported. So i had to name the menu then make it. So simple lol thank you if its not to much trouble could you do a couple screencast on doing things with the site without the demo content active. I also figured out the square issue it was thee carousel on the homepage.

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    Brian replied

    Great, glad you got it working! Yeah, definitely need to follow the demo import settings exactly so it gets imported correctly (i.e. must install demo settings first)