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Highlight disappear


  • Hugo TANG started the conversation

    Hi, a quite good and useful plugin.

    The problem is when I refresh the webpage, the highlight disappears...

    The details are attached.

    Many thanks

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  • Hugo TANG replied

    I find the reason behind the bug is the elementor incompatibility.

    Is there any solution I can both use the elementor and the highlighter pro?

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    Brian replied

    It sounds like the elementor plugin is manipulating the actual content of your page, which would conflict with the highlighter. Either that, or it's blocking the plugin from manipulating your content to add in the highlighted spans (or it's serving a cached copy of the content without the spans when you refresh perhaps?) I'm wondering if the elementor stores your content in a special meta box - do you know? I've not worked with elementor directly before...

  • Hugo TANG replied

    Hi, Brian, thanks for your reply.

    The following is the feedback from Elementor:

    "In such cases, you would rather need to report the issue to the developer of the third-party plugin since we don't have any control over their codes to make their product compatible with Elementor.

    If they may require assistance from us, you may advise them to contact our developers directly on our GitHub project to collaborate. This is where development issues are handled."

    Is the above information helpful to solve the problem?


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    Brian replied

    Unfortunately that doesn't answer any questions, it just says they're incompatible...