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  • A. started the conversation

    Hi, I can't find a way to create a page to list classic wordpress posts (post_type='post'). There seem to be no page template for that, or am I wrong?

    p.s.: I always mistakenly craete a private post :)

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    Brian replied

    I set it to public for you. I wish this support system would let me change the default to public instead of private...

    What about assigning a category to all of your standard posts like "blog" or "post" and then putting that category into any menu so when you click on it you see an archive of only the normal posts?

  • A. replied

    Thanks. That's a 1-minute simple solution. The permalink, however, contains the "category" word. But it doesn't matter. It goes well for me as a solution. 

    I'm closing the ticket. Thanks again!