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Font for stars and symbols after update


  • Franz started the conversation

    To update the Explicit theme to version 2.6, I replaced the 7 modified files.

    After the update the theme is using the wrong font for the rating stars and symbols (s. attachment)

    Any hint? 

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    Brian replied

    Make sure you clear your cache and do a hard refresh in your browser to make sure the stylesheet and assets get re-loaded correctly. If that doesn't fix it, please try temporarily disabling all of your plugins and checking to see if the issue persists.

  • Franz replied

    I temporarily disabled all plugins, deinstalled the cache plugin, cleared local browser caches and tried it on different PCs.

    The problem still exists. Do have any other idea or hint?

    The wrong symbols are displayed In "theme options" too.

    s. Attachment.

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    Brian replied

    What browser and os are you using (also which versions of each)? Also, what version of WordPress are you using?