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  • Maximiliano started the conversation
    hi there.. i saw a screencast about menu ans submenu. so if in minisite i want my special submenu i must create a taxonomy then i must click to activete .. ok .. but if i active that field all content disappear? :(
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    Brian replied

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're saying, so can you please clarify? Let me sum up and see if I understand your issue: 

    You create a minisite and then create a taxonomy inside that minisite and then when you click confirm it refreshes to a blank page? Please confirm and/or explain further with information, screenshots, URL, etc.

  • Maximiliano replied

    hi there .. you can check here: http://ladysmagazineonline.com/sito/  ..... if you can check in admin area http://ladysmagazineonline.com/sito/wp-login.php

    user: ladysadmin pass: L@dysmagaz1ne

    see attach image thanks.




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    Brian replied

    That image just shows what I responded to your other ticket about creating taxonomy items. Are you saying that the taxonomy terms get deleted when you create new taxonomies? Can you please explain the process? It's not enough for me to login to your site, I need to know what to do once I login to replicate the issue. Thanks!