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Problem with RSS generating


  • Mark started the conversation
    Fast and short question about RSS - right now I've got this kind of error when I try to generate my feed: http://filehostrank.com/feed/ I don't use any other plugin and don't connect my page with FeedBurner (as far as I know it doesn't matter - feed should be started automatically). Many thanks for help and suggestions.
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    Brian replied

    What's that weird negative text indent at the top? Where is that coming from? I know it's not coming from the theme...

  • Mark replied

    Ah - sorry it's in PL. In fast translation:
    XML parsing
    XML syntax error: syntax error (Line: 3, Mark: 0)
    Think of the document as HTML
    (clickable link redirected to plain text with some content)

    As I said before, I didn't make any changes, just want to run RSS feed and just get this error.
    Also You can check by yourself: http://filehostrank.com/feed/.
    Any suggestions or solutions? I've got unstopable feeling that Namecheap hosting and Flavor (which is imho great template) don't like each other :/

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    Brian replied

    No, I'm talking about lines 1 and 2 of the actual xml where it shows a div tag with a huge negative indent - that's actually what is causing your issue if you read the xml error. So you need to get rid of that for the xml to be valid, and to do that you'll need to figure out what is adding that in - maybe it's a plugin or something?

  • Mark replied

    Ok - now I see your point. I checkd once again files in main folder on server and this hint works. It was one extra line in wp-config.php file:

     require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/wp-css.php');

    redirected to file - which I also removed. Wp-css.php file included:

    <div style='text-indent:-8989em'>

    Right now feed works fine.